The Curious Tale of Tomas Daumen

Miniature with MatchboxPrinted in 2015 is this short story by Terry Crockford of Hildenborough, Tonbridge.
It tells of a clockmaker and his adventures in the kingdom of Elidor.
The book took 9 months to print with many false errors on the way. Forty pares are set in 10pt Perpetua, and there are 14 illustrations. These are done with linocuts, collotypes and metal plates. Measuring 2 1/4 X 3 in, bound in cloth with Jemma Lewis marbled end papers.
Price £30 Leather binding £60

Venetian ReflectionsVenetian Reflections
This concertina book shows 12 views of Venice, mainly along the Grand Canal, with a poem by Stevie Smith. “Not waving but drowning” seemed particularly appropriate as Venice is slowly sinking. Printed in Venice at the Scuola Intenazionale di Grafica in 2014

The Gardens of Stowe

The text for this book is by Benjamin West, a contemporary of Alexander Pope. Written as an Eighteenth Century guide to the gardens of the Temple family. It contains references to famous paintings, combined with images of the follies dotted around the estate. Printed in 2006 with marbled end papers by Anne Muir and bound in gren shot silk. The type used is 18pt Burlington, very appropriate for this subject.

 The Danse Macabre

A 52 page book reproducing a 16th Century mural from a French Church with a modern interpretation at the bottom of each page.
The French text is based on a 15th century version of the Danse Macabre. Giles de la Bedoyere – poet from Tunbridge Wells has translated this into modern English. It’s a metaphor for the shortness of life and the foolishness of trusting in riches. There are two full pages of football players dancing with skeletons.

A full calfskin binding with dancing footballing skeletons embossed in silver on the cover.

Trans. Giles de la Bedoyere 2009
an edition of 40. £450.00



Alphabet Sketches of Venice               2016 & 2017

This book was printed in Venice on lithographic stones, firstly in 2016. When collated several errors were discovered and a decision was made to return to Venice and recreate the book from scratch in 2017. Hence some of the illustrations have changed, and the text written by the printer, also have minor alterations. 26 alphabetical views of Venice are combined with potted histories of the locations.

The book is presented in two versions. One with a single volume of either year and a second in a clam-shell case with both volumes. The binding has been done by Mike FitzGerald using hand made paper made in the studio.