About owen

Always interested in Art and started painting in my teens. After qualifiying in medicine I combined being a GP with printing. Starting off making linocut books in 1966 & going on to combining them with letterpress text in books from 1972.

Book Fair

The Oxford  Fine Press book fair went well with good sales and appreciative audience. I showed my new unlimited print of The Queen on horseback in front of Windsor Castle . This is presented as a card with one of my poems on the reverse.jubileecardjubilee poem


This is the title page  of the Alphabetarium printed in February 2019. The background is a text by William Morris and the letters are formed by masking the type. Only 10 copies were printed as the letters are quite difficult to print.IMG_20190215_0001



poppyA print from 30 years ago recently turned up and is appropriate to this time of remembrance.

Now I’m doing  print of the Tower of London with poppies in the moat. Did the drawing back in January and its taken me 10 months to get round to cutting the lino. Here’s the first block.

In the summer I designed a card for the poppy cut in the chalk hill at Fovant, Wilts.IMG_20190625_0001 (2)poppy



I’ve designed and printed an Oak tree which has two versions, one with spring leaves and a second with autumn foliage. The text is about oaks in general, or some with the song “Hearts of Oak”.

Sycamores continue the theme of magnificent English Trees.

new cards


I am at present printing the English version of  The Ash Grove. This compliments the Welsh card which I did earlier. This time a second colour – yellow – has been added to the leaves.

I have just sent off my contribution to the British Printing Society. This is a pattern of ink blots, known as the Roaschach ink blot test.




This year I went to stay in Venice for 4 weeks and printed at the Scuola Internazionale di Grafica. This was my third opportunity to use their wonderful collection of presses. I used a lithography press to print an Abecedarium with 26 views of Venice. It will be very different from the first book printed there in 2014. My task now is to print the text about each view on their reverses.

Ideas keep flowing about Venetian pavements. Come back for a series of pictures showing how this is progressing.