My main artistic activity is to print books. But cards and other brochures also fall into my remit. Sculpture is a great love,mainly of objects which can be used as furniture such as chairs and tables. Wall hanging constructions abound.

The most primitive of my printing presses

The most primitive of my printing presses

I produce limited edition hand printed letterpress books usually illustrated with linocuts, always using traditional materials and equipment. The first book in 1972 had all the text of The Armourers Play cut in lino,but after that all have been printed with hand set movable metal type.

This March I will be showing my books at the Oxford Fine Press Book Fair.

My presses are
1. A Victorian nipping press for printing greeting cards with original linocuts
2. An Adana 8 x 5 which is used for text in small books & cards.
3. A treadle press Cropper of 1866 on which I print larger books



arge posters 20 x 30in